Exhausted Elodie Zone Quits Social Media After Ex Sean Andrew Kibaki Admitted Depression

Exhausted Elodie Zone Quits Social Media After Ex Sean Andrew Kibaki Admits Depression

After a tumultuous year that began with her exit under unclear circumstances from NRG Radio, Elodie Zone has decided to quit social media to find herself.

Coincidentally, her ex boyfriend Sean Andrew Kibaki quit social media last week saying he was battling depression and needed a break.
I’m going through a phase where I want to hop onto this boat and paddle far out into the ocean where I’ll get a moment of silence amidst the waves. The world around me is so loud and my emotions and thoughts are tangled in a web. This unclear path that my life has taken could end up destructive if I’m not careful. I will be though. I trust myself now more than I ever have. The universe is moving at the speed it’s meant to and everything will come in perfect Devine time.
Many of Elodie Zone's fans have received this message with shock owing to the fact that she is very entertaining on Instagram.

She is one of the most interactive social media celebrities in the country through regular updates and unmatched transparency.

This is not the first time social media pressure is taking a toll on Elodie Zone. She was once one of the most subscribed content creator on YouTube before deciding that it wasn't working for her anymore and went ahead to delete her videos and quit.

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