How Social Media In Laws Reacted To The Reunion Of Natalie Tewa and Rnaze

How Social Media In Laws Reacted To The Reunion Of Natalie Tewa and Rnaze

Social media in laws are the Kenyans that have unreserved opinions on couples that share every nitty-gritty detail of their love life on social media and everything they do is referred to as couple goals.

When Natalie Tewa was dumped by his Ugandan boyfriend, the in-laws decided that Natalie was better off without the man she referred to as broke because she deserved better.

It is now emerging that the whole breakup was choreographed to make Natalie Tewa more popular on social media. She has since been verified by Instagram.

Natalie Tewa is back with the 'Broke and aint sh*t' boyfriend who 'domestically abused her'. Once again, watu wenye wananyamba ndani ya blanketi moja pamoja wachana na wao.
Natalie Tewa is back to the broke abusive Rnaze. The D keeps winning the battles for the boychild. Thank you Lord for this magic organ.
I just saw Natalie Tewa and Rnaze were having peace talks at Vera sidika's place. One finally realised the other is not broke and physically abusive as the other one didn't cheat at all. Tutaambia watu nini.
So Natalie Tewa is back with the broque boyfriend Rnaze who reportedly abused her. Aren't women funny?
Natalie Tewa cheats,Rnaze throws her out of the house and delets all her stuff on insta & U tube,the internet reacts so bad,she then gets verified by Insta and boom they r back together as the Asia trip gets close.These guys r the african Kris jenner at staging stunts for proms.
People are funny they can't see what Natalie Tewa is doing?! They just wanted cheap publicity and they got it.
Haiya wacha niwapee mushene. Enyewe don't involve yourself when it comes to two people who share a bed. So Vera Sidika was late night hosting Natalie Tewa and Rnaze and making them make up. And from how I'm seeing they might get back together. Alar. After us picking sides here 
Here are the reactions.

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