Disaster As Clueless And Uncultured Influencers Rape Whitecap Beer In Every Unimaginable Way

Disaster As Clueless Influencers Rape Whitecap Beer In Every Unimaginable Way

East African Breweries Ltd flew out Twitter influencers to Diani to launch some brunch event to be occasionally held in Nairobi and Mombasa and as usual they went out of their way to impress the company paying them for the promos.
The season two of White Cap Big Brunch saw the company collaborate with different restaurants across the city to offer a unique experience to the lovers of the lager.
Only problem is that the influencers are heavy vodka and whiskey tankers who rarely even sit anywhere close to the smell of beer. So in their own wisdom they did things to the beer. Things that lovers of Whitecap have never seen coming.
How do you put lemon in beer? How?
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