Shisha Diaries: Is Pierra Makena A Bad Mum, Growing Too Fat?

Pierra Makena Photos Sexy Shisha Baby

It must have never crossed DJ Pierra Makena's mind that great accomplishments in the entertainment industry from deejaying to radio and television presenting to singing would all come down to a national debate on her weight gain and questions on her integrity as a mother. Does she need redemption or the proverbial thick skin every celebrity has been made to believe is a starter pack in the Kenyan showbiz scene?
DJ Pierra Makena is a high achiever, by any means necessary. She has broken several glass ceilings achieving things many only dream of. In a country where the male dominates the entertainment scene, she has managed to create a niche for herself becoming one of the highest ranking deejays around. She is perhaps one of the few women in the country who make it to the top of any list that ranks both genders. But she doesn't make the cut in only good lists.

Pierra Makena DJ Fat Sexy Photos
DJ Pierra Makena
When Pierra Makena decided to throw her weight into the music industry, as a singer, things went haywire. She decided to start her music career by doing a cover of a popular Afro song, Wape. The cover was so bad some said it was the worst thing that ever happened to Kenya after the 1998 bomb blast. She soon became a subject of cyber bullying managing to trend on Twitter for a full week running. And there, her love hate relationship with the Kenyan online community began.
While Makena thought she was launching her music career, she truly invited scrutiny into her life. Nothing happens in her life without holes being poked anymore. Her social media posts have only fanned the fire. Her latest victimization has been born from post pregnancy.

Pierra Makena Photos Fat Sexy
It all began when she gave birth to her baby. Congratulatory messages filled her social media pages and there was a lot of love around her. Then the baby fat refused to shed. And she gained more weight.
Pierra Makena Photos Sexy Shisha Baby
Pierra Makena At Sting Lounge
She did not take kindly the advice from ghost social media accounts that she sheds some of her weight. And she took the haters head on, even making videos that went viral and going to interviews to address them. But the hate on social media is fueled by response from the victims. The trolls did not stop. Any post she posts is met by cries from her fans (or foes) about her weight.
Pierra punguza...gym kiasi yawa...
mmm mwathani ...I'm a concern hommiee makena...back to normal you....
Becoming fat everyday ,watch it mama
Pierra Makena Photos Sexy Shisha Baby
DJ Pierra Makena At Work

But the debate tool a different turn when she posted a photo of her in a club with a shisha handle in her hand. While there is no clear evidence that she is smoking, the fans tore at her character abusing her in every way they could. They wondered how irresponsible one had to be to smoke shisha while still breastfeeding. Scientists say that shisha is more dangerous to a baby than alcohol and tobacco combined.
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Whether DJ Pierra Makena is a bad mother or not is between her and her God but the fact is that no human should be judged harshly based on their outward appearance or photos that don't portray the truth entirely.

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