Raila Can Only Get Power Through The Backdoor, Says Uhuru In Meru

Jubilee Party supporters in Athiru Ruujine, Meru county, August 3, 2017. /PSCU

As the end of political campaigns draws near, President Uhuru Kenyatta asked his supporters to ensure a huge turnout today to ensure he wins in the first round.
Ekuru Aukot, Cyrus Jirongo, Japheth Kavinga, Joe Nyagah, Michael Wainaina, and Solomon Gichira are the other candidates in the presidential race that it is a clear two horse race between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.
Speaking in Athiru Ruujene, Meru county, he said that on August 8th, all his supporters must turn out to vote to prevent the Opposition, led by Mr. Odinga from forcing a coalition government.
"The only way they know to get power is through the back door. Please come out in large numbers to give us a clear win." The President said.
The President added that Kenya cannot benefit from a coalition government following the experience under former President Mwai Kibaki's administration.
"Do not allow this man (Raila) to create problems for us the same way he created problems for Mzee Kibaki."
While all camps are finalizing their last stretches of the campaign, the D-day draws near as each candidate promises to win.
This year's election will hugely be determined by the party that manages to convince supporters to vote in a turnout that exceeds 90%.

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