Is DP William Ruto's Home Attack Being Stage Managed?

William Ruto Home Under Attack

We try look at the chances of a man only second to the most powerful other in the country getting attacked in broad daylight. The deputy president is the acting president of Kenya any time the president is out of the country, or in case the president dies (God forbid), gets incapacitated by health or is impeached. The office of the vice president is also recognized and established by the Constitution of the republic.
Shots Fired: DP William Ruto's Home Under Gunmen Attack 
That the home of the man that holds this office was attacked by gunmen in broad daylight remains to baffle many. In a country of many firsts, this is the first attack of such kind on a high profile government official. It has never been heard.
The president and his deputy are heavily guarded by the elite police unit Recce Squad and their homes under 24 hour police protection. The deputy president is part of the council that receives daily briefs from top military and intelligence heads. What would a man in his right thinking attack the gates of such a man?
The motives of the attack remain widely unknown. Many have rumored that the gunmen are after the armory in the compound while some say they are just armed thugs. But another theory is fast spinning on social media. That the attack is closely related with the allegations by NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga that the government is planning to deploy military officers to various parts of the country to rig the elections.
Raila Odinga is convinced that the government of the day has sensed an inevitable loss in the upcoming elections. He further says various reforms have closed the IEBC loopholes used by previous governments to rig elections and thus Uhuru is turning to extreme measures to stay in power. The former prime minister is also on record saying that National Intelligence Service scientific polls place him ahead of Uhuru Kenyatta.
The theory is therefore that the attack is being used as a smokescreen to deploy the military. Deployment of the military by the president largely requires the approval of Parliament. Parliament, by default, requires good reason for a green light to the president.
This conspiracy theory is being fronted by pro opposition tweeps like Lord Abraham Mutai and Babu Owino.

Stage managed or not, there are many questions that linger through the heads of many Kenyans who have received this news.
  • How could a police officer trained to guard the second most powerful man in the land have his gun snatched without any struggle?
  • Considering the period Recce Squad took to reach Garissa during the university attack, how did they arrive at such short notice this time?
  • Why was there only one man guarding the gate of the Deputy President? Even police stations have two.
  • Why did the armed men choose this electioneering period to carry out such a daring attack?
  • Are the conspiracy theories on social media farfetched and is this just a normal attack?
The truth remains to be seen. The police have not yet issued a statement on the attack and therefore we cannot speak authoritatively on the matter.
Mutahi Ngunyi has since asked his usual bizarre rhetorical questions that always cause a stir on social media.

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