Is This The End Of The Road For Robert Mugabe?

Military tanks were seen advancing into Zimbabwe's capital, Harare on Tuesday. PHOTO | COURTESY
Robert Gabriel Mugabe might have nine lives but this may be his last one and it could be ending sooner than we thought. He dismissed his deputy,  Emmerson Mnangagwa from official duty, and many saw this as a move to create space for his wife, Grace to succeed him.
After a bitter Mnangagwa fled the country, Zimbabwe armed forces commander Constantine Chiwenga called for an end to purges in President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party and said the security services would stop those “bent on hijacking the revolution,” signaling a split with the 93-year-old leader.

When news broke that army tanks had been seen making their way to the capital, Zimbabwe became a trending topic immediately.

Is this a sign? Or is the military just showing Uncle Bob who the boss really is?
The army has since come out to state that the first family is safe although no one has seen Robert Mugabe or his wife. Reports now indicate that he is under house arrest and his wife has fled to Namibia.

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