Robert Mugabe Attends A University Graduation Ceremony In Total Oblivion Of His Woes

Bob is a man of many firsts. But the fact that he is walking freely in spite of the fact that a coup carried out against him is in place is a first of firsts.
Robert Mugabe was today seen in public for the very time since his military overthrew him. He attended the graduation ceremony of Zimbabwe Open University where presided over the capping of graduates, an activity he has done over the years.
People found it funny that he risked it all to go to the graduation only to sleep through the entire ceremony.
Mugabe is under pressure to resign and relinquish power, an idea he has refused to accept, seemingly at whatever cost.
Mugabe's problems started when his wife's ambitions broke the ceiling. Many of Robert Mugabe's decisions are seen as planned and executed by Grace Mugabe behind the scenes.
Events that led to the firing of his longtime vice president have culminated to the end of his iron fist rule.
Many are keen to watch on how long the military will let him walk freely. It is only a matter of time.

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