Wahu Finds God, Crosses Over To Gospel Music

Wahu Finds God, Crosses Over To Gospel Music
Veteran Kenyan songbird Wahu Kagwi has decided to ditch secular music for gospel music. She made this announcement on NTV's Crossover show saying that was her first time on a gospel show.
I would like to say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
Wahu says she has been saved for a very long time saying she went to Sunday school and was in the Christian Union and after high school she asked God to show her why He created her.
Though her upbringing was in accordance with strict Christian rules, she says her decision to be close to God was out of her own volition.
Wahu says many things happened after she got saved and that people in the church were part of the reason she moved away from God.
Her husband, Nameless, has been instrumental in helping her come back to God.
Watch the interview here.

Wahu is not the first Kenyan artist to cross over to the gospel side. Rufftone turned to gospel in the 90s but the one that caused the biggest storm was Size 8 who many accused of crossing over to have a piece of the cake that is the huge gospel music market.

What do you have to tell Wahu?

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