Hits Not Homework Is Losing Ratings And Fans Fast: Here’s Why

Hits Not Homework Anita Nderu Anne Mwaura Tracy Wanjiru

Hits Not Homework, Capital FM’s rush hour show, is now at its lowest point in its entire history of existence.
The show which was once hosted by renowned and celebrated radio presenters like Eve D’Souza has been on a downward spiral after Amina Abdi’s exit. The ratings are tanking by each passing day and there seems to be no tangible damage control from the producers of show.
Hits Not Homework is flying on autopilot and it is clear to fans and former fans that the show is on self-destruct mode.
It all started when Capital FM began scouting for a young presenter to replace Amina Abdi who had found a new home in The Trend. The auditions dubbed The Capital One aimed at finding a formidable replacement who did not necessarily have to have any prior experience in radio.
Many young men and women were enthusiastic about the process and they all went through the process of submitting test videos and attending the auditions which were judged by Capital FM staff like Anita Nderu and other celebrities.
Capital FM pulled a fast one on all who had braved all obstacles to attend the auditions by giving Anita Nderu the job even though she was a judge during the auditions and had been in the industry for more than 5 years even though The Capital One had been put out there as searching for new talent.
What followed was a social media storm that saw participants of the competition, media personalities and sympathizers attack Capital FM for taking them for a ride.
In a bid to save face, Hits Not Homework stated that they had picked three winners and they would join Anita Nderu in steering the show. Many saw this as a damage control gimmick as it was not what they had stated earlier.
Now the show was under Anita Nderu, Anne Mwaura, Tracy Wanjiru and a little known DJ. They were received with a fire baptism but many optimists hoped the storm would calm as the journey progressed.
A series of mistakes by the show producers now threaten to tear apart the show. The show seems to target the very young pre campus and campus audience going by the relationship topics discussed by the presenters.

This approach has two major loopholes. The target audience is nearly nonexistent and the previous presenters had over the years grown with the audience and now that audience feels misplaced.
The youth in the bracket being targeted by Anita and company barely listens to radio. They are watching movies and series throughout the day and night, they are watching football and involving in bed activities.
Many who used to tune in to the show have complained that Anita has brought Maina and King’ang’i from morning to evening. A topic such as “Should your partner’s phone have a password?” is synonymous with Maina Kageni’s Classic 105 morning show.

And recently when Kenyan models in the fashion and commercial industry were complaining of exploitation and sexual harassment, Hits Not Homework brought in a person who is allegedly involved in the exploitation and another who is allegedly privileged to participate in the conversation and offer solutions to the issue.

Many felt this was out of touch and meant to benefit from a disaster. Their apology after the show has done little to help the situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hits Not Homework is on a free fall.

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