KNUT Demands For Promotion Of More Than 30,000 Teachers

KNUT Demands For Promotion Of More Than 30,000 Teachers 2018

More than 30,000 teachers are on the road to promotion after the Kenya National Union of Teachers stepped up the pressure on Teachers Service Commission to have those who have acquired higher qualifications to be promoted. Wilson Sossion says many teachers who are on the verge of retirement have been sideline in promotions for some unknown reasons.
The union through also wants appraisals to be stopped.
Embattled secretary general Wilson Sossion flanked by others in the union leadership said that they have engaged the employer in the past about delayed promotions, selective upgrading among other pertinent issues in the sector but TSC was unresponsive in their promises.
The union is now demanding that their employer effects all the promotions in this financial year without any further delay. Wilson Sossion says some promotions date back to as far as the year 2014.
Speaking during the same meeting, the union sought to address the issue of performance appraisals saying the exercise needed to be halted until exhaustive consultations have been done between the teachers and their employer.
According to KNUT, teachers have been subjected to suffering and the appraisals have bruised the relationship between teachers and head of institutions.
Teachers also spend more time putting their papers in order for performance appraisals than preparing for classes, making lesson plans and having time to listen to students and the problems they face while learning.
Dr Nancy Macharia has not responded to the demands being put on the table by Kenya National Union of Teachers.

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