Anita Nderu Is Now Kenya's Most Hated Celebrity

Anita Nderu Hot Pictures Boyfriend

Anita Nderu, once the dream bed companion of every boy in a high school dormitory, is now at the bottom a furnace that is never put out.
She is the most bullied and the most discussed media personality and celebrity in Kenya on social media. Just how did she find herself in this uncomfortable place?
In the eyes of a typical Kenyan on Twitter, Anita Nderu represents the rich and cool kids. The privileged sons and daughters of politicians, tenderpreneurs, ranch owners and business leaders. Those who were ‘born in money’ and have never had to raise a finger to earn everything that they have achieved.
Anita Nderu fits perfectly the description of a cool kid. She went through the British curriculum, she claims she cannot speak Kiswahili and has either never tasted some of Kenya’s most common and popular foods or is not aware of them at all.
Her rise to the top has been very fast. Starting off from Teen Republik, a magazine show aired on NTV on Saturdays, she soon landed a job as at Capital FM as a news anchor. She features prominently on #TTTT aired on NTV and is a Blaze mentor. Blaze, an entrepreneurship and mentorship program ran by Safaricom is premium by all definitions and being part of it is no easy achievement.
Anita Nderu Hot Pictures Boyfriend Blaze Summit
Anita Nderu At A Blaze Summit

She has been categorical in saying that she has worked for everything she has and is not at all privileged, contrary to popular opinion. She says she has had to go through the process of auditioning as everyone else and should not be victimized based on a false narrative being pushed by a blog that is after hits.

Anita Nderu’s latest achievement is what seems to be the main catalyst of her fallout with the online army.
Capital FM’s choice of Anita as the replacement of Amina Abdi was not taken well by people inside and outside the media industry.

Whether she will survive this storm or not is up to time to tell.

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