Swaleh Mdoe Puts His Kidney On Sale To Offset Debts

Swaleh Mdoe Puts His Kidney On Sale To Offset Debts
Citizen TV Swahili news anchor has decided to throw caution in the air by going to the extreme of putting his kidney on sale to offset problems he has termed as financial and urgent.
Speaking to local media, he said he was broke and in dire need of cash. His bank has not been able to help him thus his decision to sell his kidney.
Swaleh Mdoe who is best known by Kenyans for his signature Tafakari Ya Babu segment on Citizen TV has said he plans to put up a paid advert on local dailies to invite interested buyers to come for his kidney.
The news anchor has also said he resorted to this means for the fact that it is legal in Kenya to sell your kidneys and it was far much better than stealing.
Swaleh Mdoe was once in the news for all the wrong reasons after it emerged that he was under investigations by his employer for allegations that he received a bribe from Nairobi governor Mike Sonko to kill a story.
He was suspended from Royal Media Services but has since been reinstated.
We wish the celebrated anchor all the best.

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