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Mixed Reactions As Google Removes 'View Image' Button

Mixed Reactions As Google Removes 'View Image' Button

Google has finally bowed to pressure from photographers, publishers and photo libraries and removed the "View Image" button from its search results.
The button allowed users to view an image and download it directly from the search results without having to visit the website providing the image.
Many creatives had been against such ease of accessing the images saying it was responsible for massive copyright infringements online.
This update is as a result of a peace deal Google is striking with Getty, an online photo library which has been at the forefront of creatives' struggle with Google.
Google has said it is in consultations with all involved shareholders to ensure they strike a midpoint where no one is hurt by any updates they make. Google has been seen to largely serve users' needs than the needs of publishers.
Many users have however complained that this update is a step backward and should not have been effected. This is coming from the fact that you can click on a website link to look for an image only to fail to find the image on the website you visited.

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