Oparanya Hires a Fully-Fledged Presidential Secretariat As He Readies Troops For 2022

Oparanya Hires a Full-Fledged Presidential Secretariat  As He Readies Troops For 2022

Council of Governors chair and Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya is dead serious about his 2022 ambitions. In an punctual strategy that has yielded a presidential secretariat and campaign machine, Mr Oparanya is now making Mr Mudavadi and Hon Raila Odinga uneasy as they had other plans.

Sources now indicate that the COG chair recently hired a presidential secretariat in his strategy to win the polls by 8am. The secretariat is based in Nairobi Kiliman estate and is flanked by researchers and political advisers.

To launch a plan more than three years before the polls show a man with eyes focussed on the prize.

This is his second term as governor and past 2022 means he can not run for the county's top seat again. Those around him also say that the governor is more charitable and gives more donations during campaigns. It is also clear that he has acquired a chopper for travels.

It is also reported that DP Dr Ruto is also considering Wycliffe Oparanya as his running mate. Is this a ploy to solidify a voting bloc then hand them over to the Deputy President?

He has however denied links to Dr William Ruto and said that he is his own person and is pursuing his own interests.

Oparanya's development record in Kakamega places him as a formidable opponent even though his ambitions continue to rattle ANC leader Mudavadi who wanted to take another stab at the top seat.

Raila Odinga has repeatedly received a huge chunk of the Western vote and it would make him uneasy, even in a kingmaker position, if he cannot deliver the votes to his preferred candidate.

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