Is He A Monster? Ken Mijungu Accused Of Stealing A Woman's Child

Is He A Monster? Ken Mijungu Accused Of Stealing A Woman's Child

Senior Reporter and Anchor at NTV Ken Mijungu is facing serious allegations of stealing a woman's child and treating her inhumanely whenever she tries to see her baby.
The reporter who is married to Laureen Lakilaw has been receiving fire from all directions after a section of Facebook users started demanding that he stops his violence towards the mother of his baby.
The lady who goes by the name Lina Lynn on Facebook claims that Ken Mijungu asked her to abandon her parent rights of the child or keep her and take care of the child alone. She turned down the offer and took the child to her mother as she worked on being stable.
Ken Mijungu, according to the lady, accused her of abandoning the baby at her mother's and went to the school the child goes to to take it forcefully. She accused Ken Mijungu and his wife of beating her up in the process.
Kenyans help me get justice , Ken miiungu and the wife beating me up at Jabali Christian school where I had gone to see my child. They took my baby 4 months ago and have since been denied the rights to see my own baby . I need justice Kenyans help me.

And for the records I did not abandon my child at home , Ken mijungu gave me options of giving up my parental rights or the baby is mine alone and as a mother I I could not chose the latter . I took my child to my mother's place to get stable Kwanza and pick her up. He says I abandoned the child which I didn't.
Don't speak at the graveside after a young woman has been murdered. THE TIME TO SPEAK IS NOW!!!!
Ken MIJUNGU OF NTV Has been harassing my sister Lynn Lina, He took the child n has since refused to even let my sister see her own daughter.
Efforts to handle this amikably both at family level and at the children's department have proved futile.
He has been insulting my sister with my families poverty since he has money and has never failed to hang that to my sister's face.
Yes Ken orego maniwacho NI 'minwa tar e dho orego" we are not ashamed of it. Our parents worked hard against all odds to make us who we are today and wealth is nothing compared to that orego.
He did lock my sister out in the rain for 3 hours when my sister went to see her daughter. Today, him n his wife Lorine ganged up against my sister n beat her up in jabali Christian School when my sister who could not beàr it anymore went to see her child who has been separated from her for 4months.
Then from nowhere he hands my sister a letter from Court that he has been granted custody for the child. WHICH COURT IS THIS THAT GRANTS CUSTODY WITHOUT ANY HEARING!!!???? COURTS OF THE RICHN WEALTHY WHERE THEY PAY FOR THE VERDICT!!!
Does Ken own the justice system this much???? At the rate at which things are escalating we have decided not to remain silent lest he takes advantage of it n does the worst to her.

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