Conman Who Perfectly Imitates President Uhuru's Voice Nabbed

Conman Who Perfectly Imitates President Uhuru's Voice Nabbed

A rare conman, who was part of a criminal ring that defrauded Nairobi's businessmen has been nabbed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. His role in the racket was imitating the voice of President Uhuru Kenyatta, therefore fooling businessmen that they would get fat tenders from Statehouse.

The end of the road came for the grifters after the businessmen reached out to the real Statehouse. It was proven that no tenders had been given. The matter was handed over to DCI who finally nabbed the conmen.

Their ploy was so good and rehearsed that they even hired police chase cars from Kilimani Police Station.

The imposter would speak on their behalf to the unsuspecting businessman via phone promising goodies. The rest would then show up in fuel guzzlers and a police chase car to the business premises to collect down payment for the deals.

The money lost was to the tune of 80 million Kenyan shillings.

Aside from impounding the vehicles used, the DCI identified the men as Duncan Muchai, Joseph Waswa, William Simiyu, Isaac Wajekeche, David Luganya, Anthony Wafula and Gilbert Kirunja.

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