The Lady Who Rejected Uhuru's House Gifted To Her Son Has Sadly Lost It All

The Lady Who Rejected Uhuru's House Gifted To Her Son Has Sadly Lost It All
The house built as a gift for Damaris Wambui and her son Dennis Ngaruiya by President Uhuru Kenyatta has been handed over to a more deserving family after Damaris Wambui rejected it saying it was substandard.
During an interview with Daily Updates Africa, Nakuru North Deputy County Commissioner Mutua Kisilu said that a needy family has been identified to take the house. The new family has already taken over the house.
Mutua Kisilu says that he received orders from above to give the house to a new family to end the stalemate that has rocked Bahati Constituency for the past two weeks.
With this new development, Damaris Wambui and Dennis Ngaruiya have effectively lost it all and will now continue living in their rented house nearby. The house she rents is a mud walled single room that goes for Sh1200 a month.
Damaris Wambui had intended that State House gives her the money to identify a suitable land and build a house of her own choice. Many neighbors have dismissed her as greedy after she claimed that the house is old. The neighbors claim that they witnessed the house being built from the ground.
Another complaint put forward by Damaris was that the house was substandard because it had been built using polythene. What she is talking about is a technology gaining traction all over the world that uses polythene between cement walls to reinforce steel support.
The family that has been given the house is that of a man with three disabled children who have been living at a local church.

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