Okari's Baby Mama Betty Kyallo Caught Red Handed Lying About Her Age

Okari's Baby Mama Betty Kyallo Caught Red Handed Lying About Her Age

K24 news anchor is in a party mood as she turns 30 this week. But there is one problem, she turned 30 years more than three years ago.
The presenter took to social media to share her achievements, Flair by Betty being the biggest of them, thank God and notify her family, friends and fans that she would only accept gifts of non-monetary value.
Turning 30 this week. @FlairByBetty is one of my biggest achievements. Thanking God. By the way for the gifters, I’m accepting gifts of non- monetary value. Bye!
While Betty Kyallo is excited to inform her fans that she is 29 years for the next few days, the truth is that she is 33 years old. And this truth came from her own mouth.
During an interview with Kenyatta University TV, she spoke of an event that happened to her in 2003 when she was in form three. In that interview, she reveals without knowing that she was 17 years at that time.
17 years of age in 2003 makes Betty Kyallo 33 years in the present time, not 30, and that is the lie social media users aren't entertaining.
In 2003 You were in form 3 and you were 17 at the time. In 2019 16 Years later your are tuning 30...How?? 17+ 16 =

After getting caught red handed, Betty tried to save her face by claiming that she was in form three in 2005 and not 2003 not knowing that there was video evidence to debunk her lies.

Kenyan celebrities have an undying obsession with lying about their age to make it look like they are younger. A certain plump radio presenter is known to be 40 years since 2003. Another one has been 30 years since 2001. This is besides the fact that her media career spans over thirty years!
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