Bitter Betty Kyallo Uses Her Show To Blast Okari And Other Deadbeat Dads

Bitter Betty Kyallo Uses Her Show To Blast Okari And Other Deadbeat Dads

Single parenthood continues to be a thorn in the flesh of Kenya's moral fabric. Some voluntary, some not, many parents (mostly women) now take care of their children alone. Sassy presenter Betty Kyallo took a chance to throw a barb at deadbeat parents (her case included).

She chose the topic for her show 'Weekend with Betty' that airs on K24 every weekend.

She introduced the topic on Twitter:

 More and more women and men are having to take care of their children single handedly because the other parent chooses to abandon their responsibilities Incase of separation. I’d like to know from you why some men and women choose to be deadbeat parents. #WeekendWithBetty 9pm

— Betty Kyallo (@BettyMKyallo) March 16, 2019

Kenyans went to her replies to weigh in on the topic:

His Dennis Okari is among the deadbeat parent?please tell us more coz the other time you lamented about him absconding parental responsibility.

The modern woman ako na mang'aa sana

How do I go back to a child I once ignored? But again the hostility from either side, pride & arrogance may push one parent away. But whatever the reasons, one shld not be a deadbeat. DNA remains same

I blame William Ruto and he will never be the president.

Pride and arrogance from the mother, such that if come into contact with the like u can go with

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