Sonko's Nominee For Environment Scored D+ From Loreto, Doesn't Know Dandora Dumpsite Location

Sonko's Nominee For Environment Scored D+ From Loreto, Doesn't Know Dandora Dumpsite Location Sonia Birdi

Governor Mike Sonko's nominee for the position of Environment County Executive Committee member had a hard time explaining to members of the Committee on Appointments why she scored a D+ in her KCSE exams that she sat for at Loreto Convent Msongari.
Sonia Birdi told the members of county assembly that the D+ on her KCSE certificate was not a failure. She further sought to convince them that it was what she was bringing to the table that really mattered and she wouldn't have applied for the job if she knew she wouldn't deliver.
The former nominated member of parliament was declared hostile when she refused to answer some questions. When asked why she did not produce her degree certificate, she claimed that it was stolen when her house was broken into during her time in the United Kingdom.
The former URP member of parliament does not know the location of Dandora Dumpsite, the source of Nairobi River and its length. Such questions, according to her, were insulting and she warned the members of the committee that they stop asking her such questions because she is not a student.
Majority Leader Abdi Guyo asked her to explain her conduct at the Gilgil Weighbridge when she was in the company of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter on January 24, 2015. The two had stormed the weighbridge to demand for the release of their trucks that had been impounded.
The Leadership and Integrity chapter of the Constitution states that a state officer shall carry out duties of the office in a manner that maintains public confidence in the integrity of the office.
Sonia Birdi denied ever shouting at the bridge and even dared Abdi Guyo to produce video evidence that she acted in a manner that compromised her integrity. She refused to comment further on the issue saying it was still in court.
Asked about her marital status, Sonia Birdi claimed that she was not married because no man had proposed to her.
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