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Patient Shoots A Nurse Dead In Chiromo, Nairobi

Patient Shoots A Nurse Dead In Chiromo, Nairobi

A bizarre incident that happened at Chiromo Lane Medical Center in Westlands has sent shock waves across the country after a patient with a mental condition shot dead a nurse who was attending to him.
Many do not understand how a patient ended up with a gun in his hospital bed. Apparently, he had refused to surrender the gun to the security personnel who had asked him to do so during admission.
The patient who is a licensed gun holder was checked into the health facility by relatives on Wednesday night.
Chiromo Lane Medical Centre

The nurse who was shot died instantly as the patient had aimed directly at her head. Nairobi police boss has said he is not aware of the circumstances that led to the fatal incident but said the police were 100% positive it was the patient's gun that was used in the incident.
The patient is in police custody and will face murder charges.
This is a developing story.

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