Outlawed Mungiki Sect Collecting Taxes From Luos, Luhyas In Muthurwa Market

Outlawed Mungiki Sect Collecting Taxes From Luos And Luhyas In Muthurwa Market

Kenya is witnessing a painful return of dark days as the outlawed Mungiki sect collect protection fees from traders who are believed to be Luos, Kisiis and Luhyas.
In a report by a local newspaper, traders from the Western province have expressed their fear over what they term as continued intimidation and death threats from members of the group that claims the market is theirs and the government is aware.
It is said the members have divided themselves into three groups that collect the money. Failure to comply leads to the demolition of stalls and death threats.
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Traders claim Mungiki harassing certain tribes at Muthurwa Market

IN SUMMARY Outlawed gang accused of targeting members of select communities Business operators from Western are forced to part with Sh180 every day in order to keep their stalls, for cleanliness and security. Claims have emerged that suspected Mungiki sect members are charging traders from certain communities a 'protection fee' at Muthurwa Market.
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