Cyprian Nyakundi: Hero or Villain For The Boychild?

Cyprian Nyakundi: Hero or Villain For The Boychild
Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

For a man who has taken the CEOs of what you would call Kenya's Fortune 500 companies head on, picking women as his next frontline of battle is seen by many as choosing soft targets to gain mileage.
But that view is not at all welcomed by a new crop of Kenyans on Twitter and even a bigger battalion on Facebook. They call themselves the defenders of the boychild.
Cyprian Nyakundi has began a vigorous and spirited campaign on social media against what he calls misguided feminism. He often throws jibes at women, especially women in media, hurling unprintable insults and all other manner of profanities against them. Recently, he referred to Kirigo Ng'arua's breasts as saggy. He has also called Sheila Mwanyigha old and Victoria Rubadiri sexually depraved.
The most vile statement he has made was without a doubt that one against Adelle Onyango whom he said was too ugly to be raped. This led to a long reply from Adelle who said she would not forgive him for his ignorance.
From being expelled from Meru University for misuse of social media, to being accused of being hired (at a very affordable cost) to deface companies online, to fighting the regime of Uhuru Kenyatta, Cyprian Nyakundi is now throwing all his energy towards his new frontier. Are his sentiments justified?
The blogger claims he was angered by the actions of certain feminists that led to men being fired from their jobs over tweets.He says he feels the boychild is a species under the threat of extinction. And the tool of extinction is the feminist. She that says a woman does not need a man. She that says men need to pay for time spent with a woman and/or sex.
His tweets and facebook posts have broken the hearts of many, and hurt even many more. He has no filters whatsoever and many of his statements cannot be anything but cyber bullying.

What has baffled many is the huge amount of positive feedback he is receiving. Gaining 5000 likes everyday on his Facebook page, one can only wonder how far Cyprian Nyakundi is willing to go with this campaign.

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