Government To Put Raila To Death If He Is Sworn In

Raila Odinga Death Treason Arrested Githu Muigai President

Government's chief legal advisor has warned Raila Odinga that his December 12th plans are serious and would attract a treason charge.
Speaking to journalists at his State Law offices, the attorney general said the government would not stop at anything to uphold the rule of law in the country.
Githu Muigai also said that the constitution provides for the swearing in of the person declared winner by the chief returning officer and any other swearing in is an illegality.
Such a move is unlawful, illegal null and void ab initio.
Treason is punishable by death in this country. It is not clear if the government has the balls to put Raila Odinga behind bars.
The opposition leader through his spokesperson, Salim Lone, has said he will go ahead with his plans to be sworn in as the people's president.
Watch the Githu Muigai statement here.

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