Two Videos By NASA Coalition That Caused Panic In The Jubilee Government

Whether serious or not, the beehive activity going in the Kenyan opposition outfit, NASA is causing jitters in the government. The opposition declared that they will swear in Raila Odinga as the people's president on 12th December and the people's assembly is the vehicle that is to be used to carry out the process.So far, at least 14 counties have passed the People's Assembly bill.
The main problem is that nobody really knows how it will be done and several letters have been sent out to book the venues. So even as at the time we, Daily Updates, go to press, nobody has any more detail apart from the ceremony on Tuesday next week.

To prove their continually emboldened nature, the NASA coalition posted a video on their twitter handle that asks supporters if they are ready for Tuesday. In an interesting series of edits, the videos have snippets of their leader, Mr. Odinga holding up a bible during his previous oaths as Prime Minister. Massive crowds of supporters are shown cheering him on.
Here is the video,

On the other hand, the other video, captured by major outlets, is when Raila Odinga answers to the threats by the Attorney General, Githu Muigai. He is quoted saying, 'Don't tell us we are going to violate the constitution. Which Constitution, my foot', which is pretty much a hardline stance that shows nobody will back down anytime soon.

A tough-talking Uhuru Kenyatta says he will not engage in electoral reforms dialogue, tells Nasa leaders to wait until 2022 to dialogue with DP Ruto.
With solid determinations on both sides of the divide, the next three days are a build up to the ultimate showdown with both players intentionally holding back their cards. What cannot be ruled out is a violent confrontation between the police and NASA supporters.

Who will blink first?

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