Eric Kiraithe Tried To Be Government's Eyes and Ears, Failed To Be Government's Eyes and Ears

Eric Kiraithe Tried To Be Government's Mouthpiece, Failed To Be Government's Mouthpiece

A decorated police officer thought his discipline and straight way of doing things would work in a political office, oh God, how miserably he failed!

The outgoing government spokesperson is so disappointed of the office he served in, he wants it overhauled altogether. The man, Eric Kiraithe, claims that the disorganization and the ever elusive fame that comes with appearing on television made his mandate almost impossible to deliver.

According to Eric Kiraithe, the common man in the streets cannot distinguish what information came from a cabinet secretary and what came from brains behind rags like Tuko and Mpasho.

As he exits and in his place Cyrus Oguna is appointed, he has suggested that there be a better way of hiring staff and that the holder of that position be elevated to the level of a principal secretary.

In this era, the position of government spokesperson comes with many hurdles. With the likes of Dennis Itumbi always trying to be the first to break news on social media, the government has on numerous occasions found itself with egg on face and it is the government spokesperson that bears the grunt that comes with such mistakes.

Just like Kiraithe, Cyrus Oguna is coming from the disciplined services. But this is even bigger. He served in the military in high ranking positions and at one time was the face of Operation Linda Nchi.

As a soldier in Tanzania once told Pombe Magufuli, jeshi halishindwi! But this is State House. A house of chaos, so chaotic that only one president has lived in it for his entire two terms! Cyrus Oguna needs all the prayers he can get.

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