If You Take Mobile Loans For A Living, Look For Another Job

If You Take Mobile Loans For A Living, Look For Another Job

There is nothing wrong with planning for the future. If you have been surviving by taking loans from mobile lending apps, yesterday was the best time to look for a job and the next best time is now.

With just two days to the conclusion of the Huduma Namba registration drive, there's believable talk that that number is bringing with it some 'small inconveniences' few had foreseen.

The sheer amount of information that number contains about you is no doubt helpful when you are seeking government services. The government knows everything about you so you won't spend half a day trying to convince a government receptionist that you are who you claim to be.

But have you thought of the landing apps my man? Oh, they are coming for you.

There's talk that these mobile lending apps are in overnight meetings with their lawyers trying to find loopholes that the Huduma Namba will come with. These loopholes they have sworn to exploit to the last drop of blood.

When the Huduma Namba has been integrated into the daily life of ordinary Kenyans you will, for sure, receive numerous of those "We have updated our terms and conditions" emails from your favorite mobile lending apps.

According to insiders of the industry we talked to, the whole plan is to use your Huduma Namba to retrieve information about you just in case you decide to default the loans.

We will witness cases of these apps threatening to email your employers about your bad lending habits. I mean, one of them already texts everyone in your contacts to remind you to pay.

Can you imagine if these people texted your Kalasinga boss asking him to pay what you owe? Aren't you getting fired?

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