Raila's Ally Nelson Havi Elected LSK Chair

Raila's Ally Nelson Havi Elected LSK Chair

After four months of rigorous and heavily expensive campaigns, Kenyan lawyers have elected Nelson Havi as the chairman of Law Society of Kenya.

Nelson Havi, a radical who was not a member of the council of Law Society of Kenya at the time of being elected, takes the helm of a body greatly divided along party and ethnic lines. Perhaps his first task will be to redeem the image of a society seen to be in bed with the government of the day.

The lawyer who unsuccessfully tried to clinch the seat in the previous election but was disqualified on the basis of having not been in the society long enough easily floored his opponents this time in a definitive and a landslide victory.

Nelson Havi ran against Harriette Chiggai, Maria Mbeneka and Charles Kanjama. The gentleman of the council Charles Kanjama took the earliest opportunity to concede defeat and wish his competitor the best.

I congratulate my classmate Nelson Havi on running a bold and effective campaign that has captured the confidence of lawyers across the country. I congratulate him on a race well run and, as a democrat, am happy to accept the will of the voters.
Nelson Havi takes over from Allen Gichuhi and is expected to serve a three year term running from 2020 to 2022. 

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