Why You Should Take Pictures Of Your Kid Before Going To Public Places

Why You Should Take Pictures Of Your Kid Before Going To Public Places

All parents dread that horrible experience where you go to a public place with your kid and then they get lost in the crowd. A number parents have some of the best pieces of advice for you in case you find yourself in such a situation.

When going to a large and/or crowded public place like an amusement park, fair, concert, etc. with kids (or perhaps with challenged adults), take a quick individual picture of each before entering. That way you have an image that can be shared with security / law enforcement if the child gets separated or lost, including the exact clothing they were wearing that day. It will greatly speed the process of organizing a search to have an accurate description and image of the missing person. Hopefully you never will need to use the pics in this way, and they can be a memory of a fun day.

LPT: Take pics of your kids before going to public places from r/LifeProTips
This piece of advice was shared on a subreddit, r/LifeProTips. Here are the rest of the comments about the same topic.
Another tip that we have had to put to use and it WORKS: teach your kids that if they lose sight of you, suddenly can’t find you, etc. Teach them to STAY PUT and not to panic and start running frantically to find you. That’s how kids get lost. Once mom or dad realizes you’re not there, they back track their steps to find you. I cannot tell you how scary it was one time when we were traveling in Spain and we watched our son take a corner in a different direction than we were walking. He wasn’t paying attention and assumed the man walking next to him was his father. We saw his face when he looked up and realized the man wasn’t his father and he was about to bolt running in the wrong direction. My husband grabbed him before he took off. This all happened within a few seconds. That’s when we came up with this plan. It works.
We taught our daughter not to stay put, but instead to go to the nearest employee for help (and to be certain it was an employee). We got separated at Disneyland the year before last, at night, when it was so crowded they turned the whole park into one-way traffic. Massive amounts of people. It happened in a split second as we were exiting a ride and it was terrifying, a crowd separated us and in a blink she was no longer next to me. We were only separated for like five minutes but it felt like the longest five minutes of my life, and I felt like a terrible parent. As I found a staff person and spoke with them about it and was getting ready to head to the kids lost and found area, the current wave of bodies passed by. My daughter emerged with a different staff person, cool as a cucumber. (She went right to them as soon as she didn’t see me in her sight and they were escorting her to the lost and found kids area also.) sometimes I feel like she isn’t listening to me but that was a moment I was so grateful the lesson sunk in and was remembered.
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