The Curious Case of Ksh 1 Billion SGR Grass That Goes To Sleep

The Curious Case of Ksh 1 Billion SGR Grass That Goes To Sleep

It would only make sense that way, right? If Kenyan taxpayers' money reduced by 1 billion shillings to grow grass, then this must be the group-of-schools type of grass. This is the type of grass that can pose for pictures on Instagram. This is the type of grass that goes viral for sleeping on a billion worth of soil bedding. 
Kenyans knew the SGR Mega Project was a scam. For whatever the country paid, what was built is just a small fraction of what we deserve. The problem is that we had a worse colonial era rail system before. Amidst the pomp and glamour, the SGR seemed better than what we had. Was it worth it?

The problem is that these details come out way after Kenyans lost the money. If it enriched the pockets of the owners of the country, then the money has already been spent and/or locked up in assets far away. Can it be recovered?

If something that grows naturally can cost this much, then we have underestimated our Highness,grass. Forgive us for undervaluing you. Forgive us for stepping on you. You deserve way better. You deserve much more zeroes after you.

You deserve a zero 10
You deserve another 100
You totally deserve another 1000
Wait, how about two more  100,000
Not enough. How about three more? 100, 000, 000
And finally, to crown you, oh King Grass, here is a final one.. 1,000,000,000

Sadly, when the rain is gone, oh King..You will be brown. Kenya lost and you lost.

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