TSC Vows To Not Post Non Local Teachers In North Eastern

TSC Vows To Not Post Non Local Teachers In North Eastern

The Teachers Service Commission has maintained that it will not post teachers to the counties in North Eastern if the security situation in the region is not fixed.

Speaking to the Education Committee in the National Assembly, Teachers Service Commission boss Nancy Macharia told Parliamentarians that the right of teachers to life supersedes the right of children in the North to education and asked the government to guarantee the security of teachers first.

The right to life is sacrosanct and supersedes all other rights.
To improve the situation, the Teachers Service Commission urged the leadership in North Eastern to mop up retired teachers who are still below the age of 65 to take up the chalk and prepare students for national exams.

Nancy Macharia also sought to disavow the accusations that the commission is a soulless corporation that doesn't care about teachers and watches as they suffer in a region where they are faced with a lot of challenges.

She went ahead to say that the Teachers Service Commission has done everything in its power to ensure that every teacher is safe.

A number of teachers have lost their lives in the region due to terror and violence related cases in the North. 

Appearing before the same commission, Education cabinet secretary Prof George Magoha suggested that the close to 25,000 students in North Eastern who scored grade C and above should quickly trained as teachers and deployed in the region.

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