Andrew Kibe: The Evangelist Of Toxic Masculinity

Andrew Kibe: The Evangelist Of Toxic Masculinity

Manhood has been the world's most unstable institution since the apple in Eden and things aren't looking up anytime soon. Once or often better men, greater men rise from this institution and inspire the remainder into achieving the unbelievable. The unthinkable is then broken down and every man has his cake. 

One such man we meet in the streets of Nairobi, unconventionally howling at the rest of us from the comfort of a nondescript radio station cubicle probably with one hand on his honor.

Andrew Kibe is a mentalist, disruptive meninist, serial hater of weak men and preacher of wine. As is evident to all self made men, the laws of the jungle protect and preserve its creators. Kibe does not take hostages with his words actions or thoughts, something that's critical for one's career as a preacher with a quota to meet.

Before his infamy on the Kenyan webs and radio as the man who loves objectification and albeit degrading women while crusading the men to "hit that pudesh", we see a believer; a man with unwavering loyalty to the collar.

We see Burale and Kibe side by side like two unbelievers in a foxhole, only this time they are the shepherds. Probably in his formative stage as a Pyrrhic enabler Kibe has the glint in his eye and we excuse his partner for mistaking it for a good thing.
Andrew Kibe: The Evangelist Of Toxic Masculinity
Andrew Kibe, Robert Burale and their Gospel Crew

In a classic Joker movie the strikingly young and devout man needs an obsession and no course to turn bad. Only a chance and confluence of events to push him into action.

Andrew Kibe is a man who introduced chaos into the system, one who's main agenda is anarchy not for its own course. A bitter man, like a foolish man knows no depth too deep for him to survive.

The thing with faith and institutional faith for that matter is the belief that comes with it. Now faith is intangible to the inexperienced and belief is more important.

Kibe's faith in the cloak was turned off by a betrayal so close he felt his cheeks wet and the man resorted to the single thing none can take from him. Belief in self, like Nietzsche taught is the ultimate key to becoming an ultra man, the best of the best men.

Andrew Kibe: The Evangelist Of Toxic Masculinity
Andrew Kibe with his Ex-Wife

Andrew found a new gospel to preach, turning his pain and bitterness into an inexhaustible fountain of something he believes all men should drink and be drunk in.

It is worthwhile to note that he is in fact an ultra man by definition, not relying on his church, society or morals to guide him through all the mines peppering his path yet every single day he emerges whole.

Unless, this all is a facade and smokescreen for the little man trapped under, crying for sweet release and affection, then we are up for some horrible ending.

As a self professed champion of the boy child's cause, Kibe does little but belittle the other end of the divide in a never ending project of stealing wind from wherever he can find it.

His sage would be an item of envy if it was not hell bent on explaining away the woes of men world over by dragging in women and friends who can't help out. This is a critical projection of his failings that Kibe is laying on all of manhood unopposed, we run a risk of becoming everything he was before his übermensch moment if we take his advice.

The man reaps big time from talk and anyone who walks his talk will pay the price not even Andrew paid.

Therefore, as insurmountable as manhood is one shall not take Andrew Kibe to heart despite him being the only man you'd need on your team when out chasing tail. Andrew Kibe wants to see us all men burn in the fire he started.

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