Kenyan Brilliantly Explains Why Coronavirus Has Spared Africa

Kenyan Explains Why Coronavirus Has Spared Africa

Western experts can't figure out why Sub-Saharan Africa has managed to repel the Coronavirus for so long when it's ravaging across Asia and Europe, continents with advanced systems to fight, contain and manage such disasters.

An article done by Yahoo News went viral on Twitter and other social media outlets for its questioning of the impressive statistics that show no one from the vulnerable continent is yet to succumb to the coronavirus.
The coronavirus is spreading fast beyond its China birthplace but sub-Saharan Africa, one of the world's most vulnerable regions, has so far been almost spared -- and experts want to know why.
A Kenyan by the username @JesseKenya brilliantly explain the possible reason why the continent has so far been spared by a virus that originated from China but has so far taken more than 1000 lives in its wake.

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According to the Kenyan, the habit of the rest of the world to make it difficult for Africans to travel out of the continent could have been a blessing in disguise in this particular case. He also said that the rest of the world makes it very difficult for Africa to trade outside her borders.
Cause the world doesn't trade with Africa, doesn't travel to Africa, and definitely doesn't let Africans leave Africa. Have you seen the requirements needed just to apply for any visa?
Many online users seemed to agree with these sentiments.
The City of Paris got 9 million international visitors last year. Kenya,  East Africa's tourist hub, got 1 million.

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