The Anatomy Of Betty Kyallo, Kenya's Most Expensive Socialite

The Anatomy Of Betty Kyallo, Kenya's Most Expensive Socialite

Betty Kyallo's birthday month is upon us, in awe we have gathered in front of our TVs every Friday night and counted lucky whomever goes home to her. For a whole year we have stood by her side in our own little private ways.

Most singularly the ultimate sx symbol our nation has long looked for in all the wrong places since Huddah, Vera and the bantu dragon Risper Faith, has manifested and a timely act she was.

Model parent, flamboyant persona and an explosively tender underside is what she is. Yet somehow reality is not always her favorite place to inhabit.

The flow with which she carries herself is the stuff of fantasy and demands of hard bound rules are bent to confound her and they already have in one glaring event we all wish would just go away.

She's not the everyday woman, what with her aversion to realistic goals coupling a well developed commitment phobia.

Nobody can tie down this atomic blonde unless and only if she is a willing conspirator.  Coercion simply doesn't cut it when you're shooting your shots at a water sign as airy as Kyallo and she will rip your arms off if you hold on too tight.

Betty is a runner, thrill seeker, a connoisseur of sentimentality which isn't exactly ideal for nesting, which if she does must be her motive. The fleeting moments of passion she curates are driven strongly by her fantasies and are easily almost unknowingly steered into tragedy when she gets back to reality.

Heartless you say? Far from it, Betty is an immersive friend and empathetic as a woman will ever get. In part her love for tragedies ensures she shows up to fix you on your messy day and reciprocity is not a card she will play therefore be warned. Your efforts and selflessness are more likely to be met with the same attitude towards reciprocity.

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