Eight MPs Held Over Meeting With Somalia Intelligence Service

Eight MPs Held Over Meeting With Somalia Intelligence Service

Daily Updates Africa understands that eight members of Parliament representing the people of North Eastern region are set to be interrogated by the police over their involvement in a meeting with Somalia's members of the intelligence community.

The members of parliament from Wajir and Mandera flew to Somalia on Saturday and jetted back on Monday. They landed at Wilson Airport on a chartered plane. Kenyan intelligence officers had information that the eight would go to Somalia on Saturday to meet with Somalia Intelligence Services.

The eight members of parliament have been identified as Ahmed Kolosh (Wajir West), Ibrahim Abdi (Lafey), Rashid Kassim (Wajir East), Mohamed Hire (Lagdera), Omar Maalim (Mandera East), Bashir Abdullahi (Mandera North), Adan Haji (Mandera West) and Kullow Maalim (Banisa).

Vehicles marked Serious Crimes and Anti Terror police unit were seen at Wilson Airport when the chartered plane touched down. Detectives will be keen to know the agenda of the meeting, whether it was official or private.

This development comes at a time when Kenya and Somalia are in conflict over ocean territory. Kenya has vowed not to concede any of its territorial boundaries.

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