How Tanasha Donna Sought To Change Diamond, And Failed Miserably

How Tanasha Donna Sought To Change Diamond, And Failed Miserably

Tanasha Donna Oketch is back home, where she belongs going by the opinion of every Kenyan on Twitter. Her outing into the world and sister nations have borne fruit as we can claim to have one little Diamond amongst us all.

She has played her role and we now are faced with the eternal dilemma; damnation or veneration.

It is no rocket science that a man's vengeance is to be feared as Simba is reminding East Africa every few years. Certain truths are self evident and we hold ourselves to them lest we spiral into anarchy. Paramount of these is that providers do not judge, takers do. Diamond will not make odes or ballads in her name nor will he rhyme insults at her.

Tanasha has taken the D and the L along with it, all because she is a basic girl who refuses to rise above her base primitivity and carry the weight of her life in honor.

She believed deep somewhere in her person that she was the one and that she was going to change a man if he proved otherwise. As the Sepetu and Zari before her, she walked into the oldest trap nature wove.

Her beauty, her career, her ambition, her bomb sheet skills would be enough to tame the man eater of East Africa, she must have said to herself in front of a mirror everyday.

Unbeknownst to her this man Diamond Platnumz has heard, seen, touched and wrecked women like her, women better than her, woke women. Walking blindly into the games of a man is forgivable by all cultures but donning a killer look while you strut into slaughter, that, that is Tanasha for you.

Damnation is the way, the lie and the horror of many a woman's exploits on the frontier of convenience. The greater her confidence in her 'things' the greater her damnation will be. For there is nothing new under the sun but there's always a prettier well bottomed vixen in the woodwork.

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