Toxic Diamond Platinumz Building Cult Following Both In Music And Misogyny

Toxic Diamond Platinumz Building Cult Following Both In Music And Misogyny

Another woman cries herself to sleep, another relationship ruined, one more dream crushed. East African star Diamond Platinumz is not known for keeping it in his pants. In a lavish life due to success in music and business, the Tanzanian celebrity attracts the most beautiful of women.

Each time, he had them believe that there was hope. In fact, Tanasha Donna is the latest addition to his bevy of baby mamas. They keep coming and we both know that it is far from over.

The boy from Tandale has conquered East Africa and beyond, judging from the hits he releases, just when you think you got the latest song, another appears.

In an Instagram post on his official account, Diamond thanks his fans for the support to remain at top spot with his latest hit, Jeje.

It is the slick dance moves, the catchy melodies and the women. Fans keep coming for more. Women keep throwing themselves at him. Wasafi has successfully transformed into a money minting commercial juggernaut. If you thought it would slow down, you are wrong.

With 8.8 million Instagram followers and 3.2 million YouTube subscribers, the singer amassed almost 40 million views on Youtube in February 2020.

The other top 5 in Tanzania in terms of YouTube views are affiliated to Wasafi Records.

Money. Power. Success.

Then comes the dark side:

break up

A fan posted on Facebook that Diamond is their hero:

The Chief disciplinarian of Slayqueens.The firebrand destroyer of feminists.The great revenger of Boychaod.The one and only Igwe that has no mercy on Single mothers.;Pu$$y destroyer,free seed distributer,free pu$$y eater.His highness DIAMOND PLATINUMZ.

Vinny Keyps Truth be told..madem wa Kenya 🇰🇪 munafunguka sana..😂 Acha Simba 🦁 hawapatie never learn. 😂

Engr Fidel Jakano Chapa ilale Platinumz

The Streets Welcome Tanasha Donna As Diamond Dumps Her 

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