Anerlisa Muigai Breaks Down for Tecra Memorial

Anerlisa Muigai Breaks Down for Tecra Memorial

Dead but not forgotten, slain heiress Tecra is not about to be wished away from the minds and thoughts of Kenyans and importantly not by her dear sister Anerlisa.

In her mid stages of mourning Anerlisa took to the interwebs to display just how much support love and light her sister, fans and relations have been radiating since the affair of Tecras abrupt death

She shared photos of themselves living large and having unbridled days of their lives up in Thailand during vacations and splurge urges and reminisced about kind and considerate actions her sister took to make her life bearable at a time when she was on a life changing journey of weight loss.

"She knew I did not like to show my arms so she told me this cardigan would suit me. I loved it," Anerlisa teary eyed reveals.

In a heartfelt message she thanks her sister for being a sounding in her life and revels in the days of bliss they shared. 

Bashfully grateful, she had nothing but praise for fans who have been praying for her family since her sister died and her loyal followers for standing with her during her difficult moments and extending their kindness to her kin.

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