Baden Powell Statue Boarded up by BCP Council amid Decapitation Fears

Baden-Powell statue boarded up by BCP Council

The 12 year old statue of scouting founder Robert Baden Powell is to be removed from Poole Quay in Britain to save it after it was listed on a website targeting to pull down all memories of imperialist British achievements. 

Baden-Powell, who died in Kenya aged 83 in 1941, has been criticised by campaigners and lobby groups who have accused him of racism, homophobia and support for Adolf Hitler rubbishing the historical claims that made him a British Boer war hero.

Powell was voted 13th most influential person of the 20th century in the United Kingdom in 2007.

His statue erected just over a decade ago, depicts a seated Lord Baden-Powell looking across the harbour to Brownsea Island, where he started the scout movement in 1907.

Baden-Powell along with his wife founded the scout movement which now boasts 54 million members worldwide.

The statue's removal has been briefly delayed as protesters gathered at the quayside to show support for the statue and values it stands for.

The locals along with former and current scouts have reacted with anger at the planned removal, and the area member of parliament, Conor Burns, described the listing of Baden Powell's statue as a huge error of judgement on the part of the black lives matter demonstrators.

The council has said there were some aspects of Robert Baden-Powell's life that are considered less worthy of commemoration and will discuss with the scout organization a way forward.

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