Mixed Emotions As Colombus Statue Decapitated

Mixed Emotions As Colombus Statue Decapitated

The wave of declining white supremacists overloading fellow men has peaked with the rallying for removal and total destruction of statues, obelisks and other monuments that serve to glorify the memory of these imperialists.

Christopher Columbus's statues have been at the receiving end of this fury coming off black lives matter protests in honor and memory of all black lives snuffed by white supremacy ideals. 

Columbus was an Italian explorer and who completed many voyages across the Atlantic Ocean in claims of escaping imperial Europe.

These voyages and the chance landing on the coast of present day Florida opened the way for extermination of native Indians and permanent European colonisation of the Americas.

In Richmond, Virginia, the home of acclaimed writer Edgar Allan Poe, a Colombus statue was taken down by protesters, set on fire and then dumped into a lake on June 9. Another Columbus statue in Boston was also decapitated as the wave of anti-racism protests continued to rock the country.

Opponents to racial division in New York City also want his 128year old marble statue removed from the pedestal in Colombus Circle outside Central Park.

Protestors in Belgium began the dissension on statues by defacing and eventually removing Colonial Belgian King Leopold's from capital Antwerp.

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