Kisii in Terror as Demons Possess Cats

Kisii in Terror as Demons Possess Cats

Bernard Makori Magare of Nyanko village, Kegati in Kisii is single handedly the item of horror stories of the future.

While in his home, he was attacked by a ferocious cat like creature fully intent on killing him. It started as successive kicks and blows to his head before the sleep was shaken out of him.

In extra-ordinary detail he woke to find the creature purring and slashing wildly giving him only a few seconds to hurriedly grab his machete.

The cat had a red collar and a white cloth tied around it's abdomen, clear marks of the dark arts in this part of the world.

Magare has confirmed that the deployment of djinns and skinwalkers to do away with enemies, rivals or to recruit followers into the realm of black magic is not new to him.

As he battled the demon, his thoughts were fully occupied with preventing it's access to the room in which his children were soundly asleep. At one point he managed to wound it mortally yet the cat did not die, further affirming his belief that it was dark magic at play.

By 6am the mortally wounded cat and the man still faced each other but this time Magare had attracted the attention of his whole village and his children had awoken to the horrible scenes.

A local preacher was invited to dispatch the demon and a shallow grave was dug in time but the village of Nyanko still reels in horror.

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