Healing Nation, More Recoveries Reported in Kenya

Healing Nation, More Recoveries Reported in Kenya

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman confirmed the recovery and subsequent discharge of 175 patients who were under observation and care after being infected with the contagious corona virus. 

Being the largest number of recoveries the nation has witnessed since the pandemic set camp in the nation, the national tally for recoveries came to a whooping 1048 with one more death.

The departed citizen plunged sorrow and grief to kin and care providers as the tally rose to 89.

With 105 new confirmed cases, the total infected stands at 3094 bringing the number of active cases under observation to 1957 spread across the 35 counties that have recorded cases out of 47 counties.

With the controversy about asymptomatic spreading still rife at the world body, the CAS proceeded to direct the launch of home based care which targets to decongest the isolation and quarantine facilities already overwhelmed by 1957 cases.

In the opinion of Dr. Rashid Aman, patients from informal settlements without enough space to self-isolate, will identify facilities in their neighborhoods where they can be isolated as they recuperate.

Dr Aman did not hesitate to point out the vital role played by health givers and care personnel in moving the milestone for recoveries and lauded them, urging fellow Kenyans to do the same.

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