22yr Old Lawyer Lives The Posh Life You Wish For

22yr Old Lawyer Lives The Posh Life You Wish For Barbie Monroe Jennifer

Lanes have been designated as a 22 year old lawyer babe just bought a home and decided to encourage her followers to stay hustling until it pays off. 

Posing infront of a decent house in three shots, Barbie Monroe Jennifer is convinced beyond doubt that life has never been better.

The house sits on a vast tract of land with well kept grounds, it's exterior brings a fond memory of Rubeus Hagrid's house and the brutalist era

The self made lawyer, model and entrepreneur was not short of words for her staunch following, shooting back with positive energy and vibing with her followers to keep working and not to despair in the business of improving their lives.

Barbie has thanked God profusely for the favor and blessings that he has released into her life.

Unlike girls her age who chase clout by taking pictures of posh homes and machines then claiming ownership of the same, Barbie put in the work and it shows.

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