From Dumps to Dunks. Saumu Mbuvi's Treacherous Walk To Marriage

From Dumps to Dunks. The Life of Saumu Mbuvi
Resilient like her father, Saumu Mbuvi 24, is now set to join the walk of the aisle. Far from the regular plank she was almost getting accustomed to.

The mother of two has survived two horrible relationships, one which left her with a charming baby girl for her low days.

Her attempt at business was defeated by an opportunistic leech masquerading as a lover and business partner, Wakanda the club ran aground and with it the love of her then partner.

With authority and surprising non involvement of the ever eccentric Sonko, Saumu has made something out of her lessons in misery and love. 

In these prevailing conditions she would have made a proper and ardent toxic feminist whose ideals about feminism are tied strongly to men and their inconsistency.

But she rose, she came above her false starts to establish worth and value on her head and name.

In a photo shared to followers on Instagram, Saumu sits next to her fiancee the acclaimed Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip and captions on "Wedding date confirmed."

Saumu wore an adorably boasty fat grin on her face to match the obviously exhilarating moment she had just let the world in on.

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