Heroic Teacher Takes 4 Guinness to School

Heroic Teacher Takes 4 Guinness to School

If you thought the world's best teacher from Kenya was the height of achievement for educators in Africa and world over, hear this.

A teacher in Nigeria has 3 Guinness World Records to his name and none of them are for being the most cruel teacher to ever supervise an exam hall.

Adetunwase Adenle is a teacher and creative artist out of Nigeria who has worked with many school going children as well as the Lagos State to achieve these feats which he says are meant to encourage and teach the values of cooperation.

First, he holds a record for the largest painting that has been created by a world record breaking number of people.

This particular piece was created to testify the ability of underprivileged school going children at creating art given a footing and just happened to coincide with celebrations for the nation turning 50.

Second, for the highest number of children reading together in one place simultaneously.

Third, the record for highest number of children washing their hands at the same time done to teach children the essential basics of hygiene

A glowing career for Adetunwase Adenle and an open box of crayons to color the world.

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