British Soldier Dies In Nanyuki In Mysterious Circumstances

British soldiers inside Joyce Nyakinyua's house on Saturday night after their colleague David Jones died mysteriously, August 12, 2017. /ELIUD WAITHAKA
British soldiers in house where their colleague died in Nanyuki CREDIT/ ELIUD WAITHAKA

In a mysterious incident in Nanyuki town, a British soldier attached to the town's British Army base died in his girlfriend's house.
It is reported that the soldier visited the woman for normal interaction when he complained of a headache shortly before his death.

Residents of the area rushed to the area to witness the incident and police had to shoot in the air to disperse the crowd.

Since then, tension has been high in Nanyuki town after David Jones, who is said to have been in his 30s, visited the woman, Joyce Nyakinyua's house on Saturday, August 12 evening.

Laikipia East police boss James Kithuka said  that the soldier told the longtime girlfriend that he had a severe headache before vomiting. He later collapsed and died.

Rumors indicate that the soldier might have died after taking sex enhancement drugs.

A British Army ambulance picked up Jones' body and took it to Nairobi for postmortem.

Some of his colleagues remained at the scene as they waited on word of what had happened.

In recent years, British soldiers training in the counties of Samburu and Laikipia have been involved in scandalous affairs with local women.

A senior official at the camp in Nanyuki town said soldiers are now allowed to engage with women in their houses as it is considered gross misconduct to bring them into the Army base.

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