10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid And What To Do About It

I am certain this will sound familiar to many men. You just got home and things are getting h*t and heavy. Then out of nowhere, she gives funny excuses and muttering about an early meeting, giving you an empty kiss on the cheek then runs away. You are left wondering where it all went wrong.

Your dry spell is due to these 10 mistakes;

You neglect your looks and hygiene

You can improve your looks. Whether it is a good haircut, whitening your teeth or wearing deodorant or showering regularly. Women have a keen sense of smell and no matter how good your game is, if you stink you are not getting laid. Bad breath will not be getting you any. Clean your house.

Your kissing skills.

You are tall, hot and funny but also the worst kisser. She won't tell you but stop diving down her throat. It is a serious turn-off.

Your big mouth

You talk too much. You tell everyone anything. Even those things that you are to keep to yourself. Nobody wants her secrets out the next day.

Your "sweet" talk

‘I am sorry you had a rough day, babe. I wish I could be there to tuck you in and sing you a lullaby.’ Really? Are you her father? Urggh.

Your Ego

You spend the whole date bragging how rich you are, how many girls you have slept with etc. It gets tasteless. You will not even get close.

You’re boring

In order to be interesting, you must have something you are good at or enjoy doing. You can sing, you can write or draw. Show you are not just any other man. Don’t complain if all you do is go to work and eat.

You lack confidence

Deep down, you do not believe you were meant to have s*x with women you find attractive. You do not think you have any qualities that would attract women. You are in a cafe and an attractive woman makes eye contact with you. Instead of smiling back, you quickly look away worrying that you will offend her by staring or that you will creep her out. Weak.

You neglect your physical fitness

You never go to the gym, you do not even walk frequently and you look unhealthy and displeasing to a woman’s eye. When you work out you feel better, and there are women who will be turned on just by your aesthetic appearance.

You don’t know what attracts women (and you don’t care)

You assume that men who get laid have money, great jobs, fancy cars and good looks. You have no idea how to build attraction with a woman and move an interaction from the moment you meet her to s*x. You do not attempt to study what attracts women and you spend nights alone. Always.

You don’t expand your dating territory

You only stick to women at work, school or in your social circle. You rarely or never approach women in public places such as malls, bookstores or clubs. As a result, you’re frustrated because you don’t have a large pool of women to select from. You stay in your comfort zone, which is a small pond and you never bother to venture out into the ocean, which is full of hungry fish. Dry spell.

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