LATEST: Ekuru Aukot Says IEBC Results Went 'Fundamentally Wrong'

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Presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot speaks at a past function. /FILE

In an unexpected turn of events, Kenyan presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot posted on his twitter handle that his party's auditing of the results transmission revealed a worrying trend. He further added that something went 'fundamentally wrong'.

A few days ago, Mr. Aukot had a press briefing to concede defeat and congratulate president elect Uhuru Kenyatta. He added that Raila Odinga had done his part in the development of multiparty democracy in Kenya.

However, the presidential candidate who garnered 27,385 votes on Tuesday 15 August posted the following tweet on his Twitter handle:

Kenyans had different reactions at this tweet.

After the reactions, he sent a tweet to reply:

Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta urged all those who had concerns to follow the law and present any grievances to the Supreme Court.

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