Opposition Leader Raila Odinga Declares Monday, 14 August A National Holiday!

Raila Odinga addresses the large crowd in Mathare  CREDIT: EVANS O/www.dimsphotography.com

In a startling declaration after a day of silence, Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga shocked many when he declared Monday 14 August a holiday and asked his supporters not to go to work. Speaking to a charged mammoth crowd in Mathare and Kibra, Raila said that due to the massive vote rigging that occurred in the recent election and the deaths of civilians that followed, the day should be observed as a day of mourning.

Since Friday, Mr. Odinga has been silent and it is only Musalia Mudavadi and James Orengo who have been speaking to the press. However, in a surprising turn of events, the NASA Coalition announced that the leader would go to address his supporters in Kibra then visit the family of the 9-year-old girl who was killed during the riots in Mathare.

The veteran opposition leader greeted the crowd then asked them not to go to work to mourn the death of the little girl. Speaking in the company of several ODM legislators, the leaders reiterated that they would not accept the result of the election. In an ironic statement, Senator James Orengo asked the crowd not to buy Daily Nation newspapers or watch NTV, which is a sister television station. He said that the media has been silent over the brutal killings by police and they should not receive support. At that moment, NTV was the only Kenyan station broadcasting the speech. They stopped the live broadcast a few minutes later.

A few minutes later, the excited crowd started chanting that 'Uhuru Must Go' and soon broke out into a song to say that the party leader has never killed anyone.

Opposition leaders address a huge crowd in Kibra, Nairobi on Sunday afternoon CREDIT: EVANS O/www.dimsphotography.com
Earlier, we wrote an article on the impasse that is in the current political arena. Although Uhuru Kenyatta was declared as duly elected President-elect, the opposition denied recognizing these results.

According to the Kenyan Constitution, only the government through the Interior Ministry or the President can declare a public holiday. Mr. Odinga is gutsy to dare ask his supporters to stay away from work and it will remain to be seen how this will affect the economy.

Most of the residents of Kibra and Mathare are low-income individuals who have no jobs or live under a dollar a day.

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